Scan, Software, Support, Staff

By partnering with SiteScan you begin enjoying the benefits of scanning without the management and technical hassles because we provide the staff, the equipment, the software, and the expertise. No monthly site fees, service contracts, or support costs. You concentrate on your core disciplines. You pay for only what is scanned. Here is what we do inside your department:

Gather your documents every day and prepare them for scanning, including expense reports—every receipt, plane ticket and toll slip! If you already have an expense management system such as Chromeriver or Concur we import those images into our FileCD Document Management System.

Scan your paperwork. In the case of AP, either before or after your checks are cut.

Return the scanned paperwork, usually within 24 hours.

Send the image files to your server for viewing immediately.

Quality control to insure everything is scanned.

That’s the heavy lifting phase of the process. We also install and support the viewing software and train your staff as well. Our mission is to provide your firm with timely access to important backup and to provide a staff that is trained to help you every step of the way.

The most common imaging projects:
Accounts Payable
  • Reduce your dependency on file clerks.
  • Billers communicate better with partners.
  • AP staff can respond faster to inquiries. 
  • Marked-up prebills are scanned providing easy access to billing history. 
Cash Receipts
  •  Increase the effectiveness of your collections by making images of client checks available as well as the check backup.
Client Correspondence and Bill Protocol
  • Centralize your client files. Simplify access to billing protocols and deals.
Vendor Files
  • Keep better track of your W9 letters.
  • Avoid IRS audits.
  • Simplify your 1099 process.
Waiver & Engagement Letters
  • Consolidate your New Business Intake paperwork.
  • Our software exports to most records software including Legal Key® .


On Site Imaging

& Document Management