Maintaining a yard doesn?t have to be overly complicated, at least on your end. You don't need us to ramble on about fertilizers or treatment steps. What you are looking for is a company that is reliable, understands landscaping, and will do a good job. Well, you've found us.

Who is SiteScan?

Sitescan is a managed services company that provides end to end scanning solutions to the legal industry. By end to end we mean that we provide the software, equipment, scanning staff, training and support. We custom design imaging systems for any back office or practice support department. We take pride in our response and simplicity to our approach. We can usually be mobilized and scanning in less than 30 days, and that includes a customized image database, application installation and deployment, and user training. Our staff works inside your firm, allowing your managers to have direct access to the process. Documents never leave your site. There are no maintenance and support fees, and we handle all user training. We do all the heavy lifting: document preparation, scanning, QC, even refile your documents or prepare them for offsite storage or destruction.

What Types Of Documents Do You Scan?

Our roots began with accounts payable, billing, cash receipts and then grew to include HR, Conflicts, and
New Business. Some firms use or services for over 10 different workgroup categories.

What Is So Special About Your Software?

We could go into the story about how FileCD (our document management software) is used by major hospitals for medical records, pharmacy, and patient admissions. We would rather focus on our 15 years serving major law firms. We have become experts in how paper flows in a law firm. Whether it's a full-fledged accounts payable workflow solution or imaging marked up pre bills, we understand your business, so your needs are probably not foreign to us. We have perfected dozens of configurations for large and small firms alike and kept refining our product as legal technology advanced.
We employ the latest internet technology and are ready when you upgrade to 3E. Our client server based system also integrates with all versions of Elite or Aderant. More advanced billing solutions such as SuperBilling, or voucher print with bill, are just part of what we can handle. We can import pdf's, check image files from your bank, emails, faxes, and Office documents. Document security is easily configured and roll out of the viewing application is extremely simple. And the good news,,,you only pay a small license fee per user and very reasonable customization fee.

 whatever format your new scanning application requires. The images and database are stored independently so conversion is no problem. Of course we will protect the firm with a software escrow agreement if your SLA's require it.

We both do. You purchase a one-time user license for the viewing software, we own the scanning application. If you elect to stop using us to scan, no problem. It's your data, your images. All you would have to do is convert the database to 

Who Owns The Software?

How Do We Charge?

As highlighted previously, our business model revolves around scanning. After paying a modest implementation fee, we charge you by the image to scan. There are no additional charges for support, training, or consultation. No monthly management fees or headcount charges. You may incur modest costs for special handling required for out of scope processing or special rush requests.

Why Can't We Do This Ourselves?

What Firm Resources are Required?

Give us a server to install the application, an SQL database, and sufficient storage (usually 500G) for the image library and we are ready to go. In many cases we will need a few data extractions from your accounting system or other workgroup application to populate the database with a client matter number or other essential metadata such as voucher number or bill number. Pushing the image viewers to users is a matter of packaging a shortcut and an ODBC connection. If you elect to use our web based client, it's even easier.

You could. But do you want to invest valuable and often taxed IT resources to tackle imaging? Do you really want to manage an imaging staff? Even if you could get your imaging project on the white board, you still haven?t solved the problem of who is going to do the dirty work. In most cases your scanning volume requires more than one FTE and some workgroups, like AP and Cash Receipts require daily scanning. That means retaining trained staff to always be available. We manage the personnel headaches and the processes you don?t see: document prep, downloading data files, QC, refilling, and the slaying of any technical gremlins that pop up. But the real advantage is when you need to expand scanning to another department or workgroup. We consult with your staff and in very little time be up and scanning. With Sitescan, the firm has an imaging partner working on-site with trained staff and with intimate knowledge of the scanning platform. That's why large firms use our services because "We make imaging simple".